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Your Carved Front Door: Where Memories Begin

Free Design Concept Drawing

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How Do I Get Started?

Custom Made Wooden Entry Doors

Haven't you always dreamed of having a home that was truly a reflection of your own personality? Much more than simply a house where you live – your home is a treasured refuge from the busy world around us, a place where you can relax, unwind and share life with your family. Whether that means redecorating the interior of your home – or customizing  key elements such as the front entry; you want to make it your own.

Replacing your current front door with a custom made wooden entry door is great idea for any home. So, when you make the decision, how do you get started with us? The design process for your door is easy and fun. We will work together with you to design your custom front door. The things we’ll need to know up front:

  • What is the current size of your entry way?
  • Do you require an oversized door?  Double Doors?
  • How about sidelights or carved side panels? Arched top?
  • Do you want your door carved on the outside only or inside too?

No matter what your vision may be, we provide the feedback you need and the consistent detailing for an entry way that works perfectly for your space. Just let us know your ideas and we will do the rest!

Many times, our customers like to feature their local landscape and wildlife in the design. For example, you may want to incorporate a distinctive feature from your building site. The image shown here, of a moss covered tree was the outstanding feature of this client's property. From this, we developed the drawing using this tree as the image. The result? A beautifully finished door that is personal and meaningful to the homeowner. What would it be for your home?


From Your Photo to Your Carved Door


Another one of our clients loved fishing; this theme was then used along with rock formations and trees on his property to create these doors for his home. Stunning and unique.

So how do we proceed for your custom entry door? Based on your initial idea we will email you a design concept.  Using your response as our guide, we will develop this concept into a scale drawing of your project.  Once you approve the final drawing, we can start your door. Looking for ideas? Visit our Custom Door Gallery for inspiration.

What Kind of Wood?

Wood for exterior doors must be durable to the weather and should be even in color. Color variations interfere with the easy reading of the carved image. The wood must also be able to take the detail of the carving. Mahogany, White Oak, Hard Maple and Alaskan Yellow Cedar are good choices. We can discuss the wood choice for your custom made wooden door in the design process.

When Do You Need It?

Because Tom does all the woodwork personally, he can be very responsive to your needs. Please contact us well in advance of when you need the door to be ready for installation. I recommend starting the design process at the time of ground breaking.

Get started now! Make the decision to give your home the beautiful custom entry that it deserves.