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Your Carved Front Door: Where Memories Begin

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Upgrades & Options

Beautiful Custom Built Wooden Doors

Premium Packages

Wood is a perfect reflection of nature’s genius: A timeless material, that naturally moves depending on the conditions of the air around it. A wondrous tree can be transformed into environmental sculpture. As such, wood brings warmth and texture to any room or section of your home. Like the individual nature of wood, you want a front door to truly be your own.

These packages allow you to customize your home to make it distinctly yours. A custom built wooden door or cabinet takes the average house and turns it into a special place, for a life inspired.
 1. Front & Back Door Package.  Looking for the complete solution? Double the impact with our popular front & back door package. Have us design your dream front door: single or double, side lights or carved inside and out.  Add a back door to your project and receive a 10% discount.  Consider this:  Have us carve your back door on the inside so you can enjoy the art and beauty of your door while you sit with friends in the comfort of your home.
2. Highly Detailed Carving Package. Every door we design is carved and crafted to be interesting and attractive – being careful to leave the natural variations that occur in every piece of wood. Some, however, choose to have us take the carving detail to the next level for an unrivaled look. Some of our clients choose to make this investment – and they are all pleased with the results! Recently we displayed a door that had many layers of leaves carved in the surface. Those that saw it walked up closely to see if the leaves were carved into or applied onto the surface.

3. Front Door & Furniture Option.  While our primary offerings are doors, we love to build furniture that further develops the theme we establish in your entry way. If cost is not an issue and your vision extends beyond the front door, choose to have us design furniture or sculpture that will become the focal point of your room.  Employing highly skilled craftsmanship, our furniture – as seen in these images - is as exquisite and beautiful as the doors we design every day.  Complete with our signature customized carving, you’ll have more than just a gorgeous door to admire; you’ll have the home of your dreams! Visit our Furniture Showroom or Sculpture Showroom for ideas.

Incised Doors – Simple and Striking

Those that want a compelling, simple design choose an incised door. The concept here is a single bold image. Like a calligrapher with a blank piece of paper, the carving is executed with a few deft and simple strokes, employing the "less is more" concept. Conveying a strong message, the lines are carved into the surface of the wood panel in a shorter amount of time and colored appropriately. This style of carving offers a dramatic image at a reduced cost. A great choice for those on a budget.

Prices vary according to project.

Beautiful custom built wooden doors can transform the look of your home. Think about it - Every moment that you walk through will be an event. Every guest that comes by will be impressed. Give Tom a chance to design a door that reflects your individuality and your homes natural beauty.

Ready to get started? Please contact us by phone or email and tell us which of these options you are interested in.