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About Tom

Custom Made Home Doors by artisan Tom Larkin

Artisan Tom Larkin Woodworker

All of my life has been spent working with my hands. As far back as I can remember; I have been fascinated with nature and the beauty of life around us. It inspires and moves me.

I grew up in an artistic environment, learning the basic principles of design and craftsmanship standing by my father's drawing table watching him work. I loved to watch his process: the imagination conjuring up an idea, the hand translating that image to paper.  Something about it spoke to me. And whether it was nature or nurture, it wasn’t long before I was involved. I was carving wood by the time I was 15 years old.

Yes, I was carving wood but years went by and the work still lacked depth. I was working hard  but progress was slow. Then I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a classically trained carver from England. Classical carving is based on the Greek acanthus leaf. This is the twisting leaf and scroll work that is found on the back of dollar bills and many other places. What I discovered is what so many before me had as well – like magic, the twisting of forms through three dimensional space pops the image beyond the background and reads in any light. It was a breakthrough. Working with this teacher was exactly what I needed. The change in my work was immediate and dramatic. Art and inspiration can happen quickly.

Leaves emerge from the background as the carving progresses.

As the years passed, my work matured. Now I apply these lessons learned to carving themes from the world that I see all around me. Living in the Colorado mountains at 8,000 feet, with the trees and the mountains, the birds and the animals are my inspiration and my subjects. Nature is where I find my ideas.

What inspires you? Whether you like simple mountain or country themes or enjoy more formal elements, we can design the perfect front door for your home. Something you can enjoy, with your family and friends…for many years to come.

I look forward to beginning the process with you!

Best Wishes,

Tom Larkin

Tom works at his home in the Wet Mountain Valley in the southern Colorado mountains producing hand carved doors and furniture. His work has been featured in galleries, shows, magazines and on television.