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Your Carved Front Door: Where Memories Begin

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How Much Does It Cost?

Your New Custom Front Door - An Investment Worth Making

Prices start at $4,200.00 for most slab doors. This includes the design, materials, labor, sealer coat of finish and hand carving. And although budget may be a concern for some people, your new wood entry front door is really an investment. In fact, its one of the best upgrades you can make for your home; it improves resale value by 3-6%.

The photos on this page show a project we completed in the summer of 2008. This is a single 3'0" door, carved on both sides. The carving on the inside of the door and the outside of the door are variations of the same Aspen tree theme. This project included the pre-hung package which consists of design, materials, labor, hand carving, hand rubbed spar varnish finish, jambs, weather stripping, threshold, installation of the hardware provided by the customer and the crate. The cost for this door was $7,985.00 plus shipping. With an approximate resale improvement of $25,000, this beautiful custom door pays for itself and then some – and if you decide to have us design a door, you'll get to enjoy it the entire time you live in your home!

Wood Entry Front Doors

Of course, like the individual nature of the wood we use, every project is unique. The cost of your door will depend upon the size and features you request, among other considerations. Most contractors require the pre-hung package as listed above. Your project costs will be bid when the design is complete. See our payment terms.

The decision to have a custom front door designed is one of the best you'll ever make for your home. Let Tom design a one-of-a-kind entry way that reflects the natural beauty of your home and the landscape around it. Your new wood entry front door will delight, inspire and bring warmth to your home every time you walk through it.

Ready to get started? Please contact us by phone or email for a free consultation.

Your Home, Your Life

Your home is much more than a building. It is part of your life, a safe place where the stories of your life are played out. It becomes part of you and your family. Your home is a living, breathing thing that provides a place for the memories of our lives to be made – in exquisite and rich detail.

You make a great investment in your home, both financially and emotionally.  It is important that your home not only provides safety and security, but also enjoyment every time you enter in. And what would be better than a custom wood door, expertly hand-carved with care?  Visit our Custom Door Showroom for ideas and inspiration.